Why You Can Trust Us

CRM Asia Solutions is a British owned and run offshore consulting company with good old fashioned British standards of professionalism and excellence.

We have a deep knowledge of the Zoho business tools we sell, and indeed we use them ourselves to do business and implement Zoho business solutions all over the world. Let's face it: we would not use them if they didn't work, we love the tools we sell, and we're sure you will too.

As an offshore company, we have extensive experience in managing implementation projects in regions as varied as Australia, Canada, Thailand, Singapore, Holland and the UK. In short, we utilise Zoho's online business tool ourselves to collaborate and communicate in keeping with the true Zoho spirit: "Work. Online."

During our projects many of our clients see how these tools can benefit their business as well and often integrate several solutions themselves.  Our impartial and knowledgeable advice will prove invaluable to you and we offer extensive training and support packages to help build your online IT infrastructure, increase collaboration amongst your teams and improve business efficiency.

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