Why Use Us?


Put simply: We know what we're talking about!  We're not here to do your project as quickly as possible and move on to the next customer. We want your project to succeed and take a pride in our work and our knowledge of Zoho's suite of business solutions.

Our knowledge of the wide variety of Zoho business tools is vast and we are experienced in a variety of businesses, from IT and Software Development to Property Management to Manufacturing and Supply Chain Management and the Auto industry, meaning we know how to apply and customise the tools to match your business.

As a Zoho Alliance Partner, we have a direct channel to Zoho, we know the team, and we can get your questions answered or your feature requests expedited.

CRM Asia Solutions understands the importance of visibility into the key business process areas as well as highly structured sales, marketing and support processes which help increase the efficiency of your business by providing better communication for your teams and a higher degree of service to your customers.

We can provide the business solutions that help you build the infrastructure allowing your key people to make informed business decisions based on accurate information.

We have unique advantage over our competitors too - we have insight not only into a wide range of businesses and business tools but we also have a background in systems analysis, website development, process and CRM implementation, training, training materials development and documentation in cross cultural environments and we use the very tools we sell, to do our job!

Due to our small size, product knowledge and commitment to excellence, we will take the time to fully analyse and understand your business, ask the right questions to get the right information, and customise and implement the right solution to suit your needs.