Uptime and Emergency Backup Procedures


Whilst Zoho strive to provide excellent uptime, sometimes disasters do happen.

Zoho have a failsafe procedure in place though, as well as visible status reports for their services.

All Zoho services are highly visible and all Zoho users can access real time status reports at http://status.zoho.com

Zoho also has a permanent, concurrent 'backup system' known as 'read only mode'.

Should there be an unavoidable outage of the Zoho cloud service, your data is always safe and is immediately viewable in read only mode from their concurrent backup servers.

Zoho and CRM Asia Solutions generally notify users/clients of any disruption to services and keep users / clients updated on status via their social channels such as Facebook or Twitter.

To access the read only mode in times of emergency simply go to: .zoho.com, for example:

This will allow you to access all of your data in read only mode whilst the issues are fixed.

If at any time you cannot access your data using the normal or read only modes of Zoho services feel free to contact us via the social channels below: