Zoho Online Platform - Data Security

Due to the on-demand model's tremendous economies of scale and focus on service delivery, Zoho provides higher service levels than the vast majority of companies can achieve on their own.

They use the best technologies, policies, and procedures to ensure security at the facilities, application, and network level; to ensure maximum uptime and continuous availability.

Zoho has over 4 million end users.

For an on demand software service provider, security is everything; they would be out of business immediately if they allowed this to be of low importance.

It is a fairly common fear in Asia for example, that the software as a service platform has numerous security risks but these providers can supply far superior data security measures than most companies, even large corporations, can hope to do themselves.

Therefore, in fact your business data is often probably more secure by opting for an on demand platform such as the platform Zoho provides.

Some of the data security measures in place are as follows:

Physical Security

  • 7x24x365 Security.
  • Video Monitoring.
  • Controlled Entrance.
  • Biometric, two-Factor Authentication.
  • Undisclosed locations.
  • Bullet-resistant walls.

Network Security

  • 128/256-bit SSL.
  • IDS/IPS.
  • Control and Audit.
  • Secured / Sliced Down OS.
  • Virus Scanning.

People Processes

  • Select Employees.
  • Audits.
  • As-Needed Basis.

Redundancy and Business Continuity

  • Distributed Grid Architecture.
  • Power Redundancy.
  • Internet Redundancy.
  • Redundant Network Devices.
  • Redundant Cooling and Temperature.
  • Geo Mirroring.
  • Fire Prevention.
  • Data Protection & Back-up.