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Zoho Meeting and Zoho Assist - Online Meeting Software and Remote IT Support Solution

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Jul 02 in New Zoho Products and Features
Imagine if you could provide remote IT support to your customers or team members, without any need for physical presence or interaction with the end user or their PC. If this was possible you would probably see an increase in your productivity and efficiency, not to mention a reduction in costs.

Using our remote support software, Zoho Assist, your team can carry out online IT support quickly and efficiently using a feature rich, easy to use virtual meeting tool at a price that is highly affordable.

Benefits are as follows:

  • - Conduct remote support sessions
  • - Assist customers without the expense and time required for onsite visits
  • - Two way control - take control of your client's/team member's PC or let them control for you
  • - Send files securely
  • - Live chat
  • - Desktop plugin

Pricing for this virtual desktop support software starts at just 115USD per year for one technician.

Best of all, this is one of more than 20 Zoho online business apps, many of which are fully integrated. Zoho Meeting for example - Zoho Assist in reverse - you give virtual meetings from your own desktop - is fully integrated to Zoho CRM, meaning you can use your web based meeting solution to start virtual meetings with customers or leads at the click of a button!

Please contact us above for more information.

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