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Using Zoho Campaigns To Extend The Reach Of Your Online Marketing Campaigns

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Jan 03 in Zoho Campaigns

Zoho Campaigns recently announced new email marketing templates that are mobile friendly and are a perfect addition to your email campaigns, especially to your contacts who regularly use their mobile devices when reading emails and campaign messages.

Designed to provide seamless mobile and traditional campaign viewing, and therefore extend the reach of your online marketing campaigns, the mobile friendly templates are perfect for holiday email marketing and social media campaigns when your contacts are more likely to be using their mobile devices.

With the rapid increase in the use of smart mobile devices and a tendency now for emails to be opened using them rather than traditional "screens", these twenty new email templates have been optimized for mobile viewers and readers.    

When taking into consideration your mobile readership do try to keep your messages to the point as people who are on the go tend not have as much time to read emails compared to when they are at their desk and do include at least one call to action.

Small and medium sized businesses, SMBs, can also extend the reach of their online marketing campaigns by using both email and social media marketing programs.

Zoho Campaigns online email marketing software supports both email and social media campaigns and there have been studies that prove that using both social media marketing and email marketing produce higher open rates compared with only using email marketing campaigns.

So, we recommend that for your next online marketing campaign try to broadcast your marketing content across multiple touch points, including social media.

Want to know more about email marketing and social media campaigns using Zoho Campaigns? Feel free to contact us here.

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