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Click to Send your Campaign Directly from the Email Approval

By crmguru on
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May 09 in Zoho Campaigns

As part of your email marketing campaign Zoho Campaign's services include a check on all outgoing email campaigns for compliance to spam regulations. The 'Send Campaign' button in the email you receive from Zoho stating your email is 'good to go' makes it much easier to send a campaign directly from the email approval.

It's great that Zoho check your emails for anti spam compliance but it used to be a major gripe for some of our clients who - when they received the green light from Zoho - used to have to then open a browser, login to Zoho Campaigns, go to their campaign then send the campaign.

Now you can click the 'Send Campaign' button and get transferred to the campaign much more quickly.

We requested this feature from Zoho, we guess a lot of other people did too, but this just goes to show that Zoho listen to their users and your requests can be implemented!

Here is a screen shot of a typical email marketing campaign approval alert, along with the time saving button...

Zoho Campaigns checks your emails comply to anti spam regulations

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