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Zoho Forms - Online Form Design Software

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Jul 23 in New Zoho Products and Features

Creating Web Form has Never Been Easier with Zoho Forms

Zoho Forms is online form design software that is so easy to use that you can create web based forms in just a few minutes.

Zoho Forms has drag and drop functionality that makes it incredibly easy to whip up a web based form in minutes, allowing you to automate pretty much any part of any business.

Easy drag and Drop Functions

Form fields include all of the usual fields like text, number, phone, address etc, plus they have some really great ones including a rating field, plus a signature field, which we love! Yes, you actually get the form on your mobile device and sign it with a stylus as part of an approval process and this gets digitised onto the form which can be exported to PDF if needed later on as part oft he paper trail.

Don't take our word for it, check it out for yourself on this excellent video:

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The potential uses for this app are limitless:


Work inspeactions, work requests, support requests, delivery orders...

Schools and Training

Student attendance/sick forms, teacher application forms, course evaluations, even student tests...


Patient forms, check in/out forms, status monitoring forms...

And many more, basically any business that has a paper based form, paper trail and approval process!

Mobile Friendly

All forms designed in Zoho Forms are mobile friendly, indeed that's how they are supposed to be used. Display and fill in forms on your mobile phone or your tablet, have people approve forms by signing their signature as part of the approval process. It all gets stored in the Zoho Forms database and can be analysed, reported on and even exported at a later date back in your office.

Contact Us

If you would like some inspiration on how best to implement Zoho Forms in your business feel free to contact us on sales at crmasiasolutions dot com.

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