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Zoho Books And Zoho Invoice Supports Printing Multiple Invoices And Estimates In One Print Run

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Nov 23 in Zoho Accounting Solutions

Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice now support the printing of bulk invoices and estimates in one print job.

By simply going to your invoice or estimate list and selecting the invoices or estimates that you want to print, Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice now allows you to bulk print invoices and bulk print estimates.    

The invoices or estimates selected will be then be created in a PDF file which you then print.

bulk printing of estimates and invoices with Zoho Books and Zoho Invoice

However, there is one limitation to the new bulk printing feature in that you can only print up to twenty-five invoices or estimates in one print run.

Printing multiple invoices or estimates instructions:

  • Go to the Invoices or Estimate tab.
  • Select the invoices or estimates that you want to print.
  • Click on the 'print' button.
  • A single PDF file will be created of the invoices or estimates selected.
  • Confirm print settings and print.

For more information on Zoho Books or Zoho Invoice, or our Zoho training options, contact us here or drop an email to sales at

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