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Zoho Books Business Intelligence Platform

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Jul 19 in New Zoho Products and Features

Zoho Reports, which is the online BI (business intelligence) app from Zoho, is now integrated with their online accounting software, Zoho Books.

Zoho Books to Zoho Reports allows you to build powerful financial reports utilising the Zoho Reports BI platform.


Zoho Books to Zoho Reports integration


This allows you to mine your Zoho Books data in real time and also share dashboards and reports with key people in the orgnisation, eg. management, stakeholders etc, and to share reports on n as needed basis.


The integration comes with over 75 inbuilt reports and dashboards, plus you can add more at any time using Zoho Reports own inbuilt drag and drop interface. For example: quick ratio, activity ratio, EBIT, gross/net profits etc, to viewing trends…


You can even combine Zoho CRM data (using the advanced analytics add on for Zoho CRM, which also utilises Zoho Reports) together with your Zoho Books financial data, giving you one awesome BI platform for all business reporting.


Zoho offer a free 15-day trial of the add-on. And one last thing. In addition to the advanced analytics add-on for Zoho Books, Zoho also have an equally powerful advanced analytics add-on for QuickBooks Online!


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