Online Business Solutions for Medium to Large Companies


Perfectly scaleable, Zoho online solutions can be integrated to suit the needs of medium to large businesses. Phased implementations and use of Zoho online tools to carry out the implementations make the projects easier to handle for your internal teams and the fact the solutions are all sold as on-demand software, with no hardware or software, means your IT teams can focus on what's important.

We have devised the following online business solutions one-stop packages specifically for medium to large scale corporations based on our extensive experience in a number of large corporations around the globe.

Solution #1 - Zwitch to Zoho CRM - Corporate CRM Migration Solution


Of course, you may already be using a CRM, there are many on the market, but many businesses are now starting to look around for more cost effective CRM solutions and question the fact that some CRM solutions lock them into yearly pricing plans and expensive support.


Solution #2 - Corporate Intranet / Wiki Solution


A company intranet (also known as a wiki) is an extremely valuable online business solution that allows a business to centralise and disseminate corporate information.  This has many benefits of course: reduced ramp time for employees, centralised policies, processes and other information, shared editing and publishing responsibilities and thus faster distribution of articles and corporate information.


Solution #3 - Corporate Intranet and HR Information System


Imagine an online company wiki such as the above example, that also has inbuilt areas controlled by your HR team that contain all relevant HR forms that staff can use to submit requests for leave, training requests, exit plans, disciplinary action and so on. It's all online, so no software or hardware required, and your HR team are able to maintain all staff HR information using our powerful online HRIS tool.


Solution #4 - Corporate Intranet and BI Reporting Dashboard


The Corporate Wiki & Business Intelligence (BI) Dashboard is a one stop solution designed for businesses that need to create and share business reports online in a centralised company intranet and display them in meaningful and accurate dashboard format for management, senior level directors or even shareholders.


Solution #5 - Corporate Business Portal


These days businesses need a large number of tools to do a wide variety of jobs, from accounting, CRM, reporting, document management, project management and more.  We offer a full suite of powerful online business tools that enable your teams to do all of these common business tasks that can be integrated into one single IT portal. No hardware or software required and no IT team support. Work smart, not hard, with our Corporate Online Business Portal solution.