CRM Consulting and Implementation Services


CRM Asia Solution specialise in CRM consulting and implementation services in the Asia and Australia region and we have carried out successful CRM consulting and implementation projects in United Kingdom, Holland, Thailand, Canada, Australia, Singapore and Indonesia.

We have years of extensive experience with many CRM solutions, primarily Zoho CRM, but we are admin level trained in many of the other major CRM software solutions and we know their strengths and weaknesses and are able to give impartial CRM consulting and advice based on hands on experience of implementations in a variety of CRM software to admin level for both small and enterprise companies.

Importantly, we work using online collaboratio tools, which enables us to consult and train efficiently online and keep costs down.

Click here to see how we operate and how are able to offer CRM consulting services covering such a wide area and a price that you can afford. We will offer unbiased, practical CRM consulting based on your exact needs.  To learn how a CRM can benefit your business, contact us or click here for a free CRM assessment and we will get back to you with recommendations.

A Typical CRM Project Lifecycle

Typically, after the Business Requirements Analysis phase CRM Asia Solutions will start on the CRM implementation for your business, customising it to match your exact process flow and ensuring it enables your teams to work and improve the areas which need to be addressed. This involves adapting the CRM software to overcome the stress points uncovered in the previous stage and implementing a small business CRM strategy for your organisation.

Our CRM Consulting and implementation services will help you improve business efficiency by following a tried and tested roadmap, focussing efforts in the following areas of customer relationship management and CRM workflow:

Account, Contact, Opportunity and Lead Management

  • Manage important information about your contacts, accounts and sales leads and opportunities
  • Link accounts and contacts and track activities easily

Sales activity Management

  • Manage sales through the lead and opportunity lifecycle
  • Create a sales pipeline quickly and easily
  • Capture all activities and track progress
  • Create and run Mass Mailing / Marketing campaigns

Case Management

  • Track support cases per product and manage cases
  • Set up company knowledgebase for use internally/with customers

Product Management

  • Create products and product items/services that reflect against your leads, opportunities and accounts
  • Product/service items allow you to group products/services easily


  • Standard reports for the Team, middle management and C-Levels
  • Customised reports to match your business needs
  • Dashboards with pre set graphs on key data
  • Customisable Team / personal dashboards based on your KPIs


  • Set up and implementation of process-related communications
  • Set up and implementation of workflow alerts/triggers


CRM Asia Solutions will select the CRM vendor based on your business needs. We focus primarily on CRM on demand in order to reduce start up costs, remove server and hosting hassles, allow maximum customisation and support and get the shortest time to value for your users.

See our FAQ for more details of CRM on demand - as a result of adopting this strategy we can have your CRM up and running and customised to match your business in a very short timeframe and at a far lower cost than hosting it internally.

We also take into account numerous other factors such as the functionality, required number of users, level of IT experience within the teams, user interface requirements, differences in cultures / languages between users, training and of course your budget.

Once the CRM software solution has been implemented we will embark on a CRM training program for your users. Users will be trained on the concepts of web based CRM, the functions of the CRM software and the CRM workflow which is critical to their relevant area(s) of the business.

As part of the CRM consulting phase we will advise you on further customisation and can create a customized CRM support package to suit your needs and budget, allowing you to continue to build the foundations of your business.

If you are interested in learning more, contact us here for a free, no obligation quote.