Online Business Solutions for Education, Schools and Universities


We have extensive experience in training and teaching and a number of our team are qualified corporate trainers or teachers with not only teaching experience but also in running a school and teams of teachers and all that is involved in the process.

With an in-depth knowledge of teaching/training and school management in mind, we have devised the following one-stop solutions specifically designed for schools, universities, language study or training centres.

Solution #1 - Contact Manager, Zoho CRM - Manage your Students, Parents, Clients, Trainees, Teachers and Trainers Online.


A school needs to track all of its student / parent / corporate / trainee / supplier / vendor information and this often presents an administrative nightmare. Zoho CRM is the perfect tool for this task and allows efficient segmentation of student and other important information so you can make sure the right people get the right information. from your school


Solution #2 - School Intranet, Zoho Wiki - Share School Information and Knowledge Online


Zoho Wiki is a great online wiki tool that allows schools to build an online intranet quickly and easily so that teachers and students alike can share information and collaborate online.


Solution #3 - Document Manager, Zoho Docs - Online Document Management for your School or University


We fully understand that you will probably have hundreds of school documents. From student tests, to school policies and teacher contracts - managing these via PC hard drives can be an administrative nightmare. Not any more!  Manage school documents online with Zoho Docs.


Solution #4 - School Wiki and Teacher Information System, Zoho Wiki and Zoho People - Reduce Teacher Induction Time, Improve Internal Processes


Provide an online school intranet, and integrate it with a powerful online HR system that allows you to store information on your teachers, online: personal contact information, training, experience, contracts, photos etc., as well as leave requests, sick days, leave taken, training attended and more!


Solution #5 - School IT Portal, Zoho Business - Consolidate your School's Online Tools in a Single Portal


Finally, as part of our one stop solution we can create your school IT 'portal' which will consolidate all of your online Zoho solutions for your school into to a single IT portal. This means your staff go to one location (which can be a login form embedded on your school site), select the app they want to use from side tabs, and start working.  No more confusing URLs or standalone software!


How to Use Zoho Online Business Solutions in Education


Zoho's online business solutions are perfectly suited for use in education: in schools of any size, from small language centres to universities. With over 20 apps to choose from, Zoho web based business tools are flexible and well integrated and also very affordable, a key consideration for many schools, with competitively priced and flexible licensing plans with no lock-ins for long durations.


Benefits of Using Zoho Online Business Solutions in Schools, Universities and Educational Establishments


Many of our team are ex-teachers, so we know about the advantages and benefits of using on demand solutions in schools, universities, language centres and other educational establishments.  Here are a few of them.