Integrate Your Business Solutions With Zoho CRM Via Connectors From CRM Asia Solutions


Zoho crm integration made easier. For many experienced IT business solutions' experts "system integration" can bring fear and trepidation to them and not to mention the worry of the budget rapidly spiraling out of control.

Even with Zoho CRM being a remarkably “open” application and providing developers with a very sound API (Application Programming Interface), to allow integration to and from Zoho CRM, using the API does require considerable technical knowledge.

Recently there has been a growth of a new breed of business solution integrators that provide Zoho CRM connectors to a huge number of other business solutions. And to us at CRM Asia Solutions having system integrators playing nicely connecting Zoho CRM with other business solutions has been a breath of fresh air, bringing new, imaginative, inexpensive and quick solutions to Zoho CRM integration.       

For Zoho CRM clients these business connectors not only link their solutions of choice.  They also can save staff hours every day by having a more integrated systems environment which means that repetitive work is reduced. And your organization will be more flexible, more cost effective in delivering your product and services and will obtain an improved return of investment from your business applications.   

Using the new Zoho CRM connectors can significantly reduce your system integration costs. Even using the Zoho CRM API, integrations could cost in the region of US$1,000 to US$2,000 in development costs. With the new Zoho CRM connectors you are now looking at a few hundred dollars plus a monthly subscription fee.

So if you want to integrate Zoho CRM in the Cloud to the best online inventory management application, to your website sales chat app, to a full feature SaaSZoho CRM connecting to other online cloud apps delivered accounting application, to an online field/service management application, to your ecommerce store, to GoTo Webinar, to Evernote or dozens of other business applications delivered using the Cloud just drop us a note to This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it   or fill out the form here.

We will let you know if your integration requirements are available, what the integration can do for you, our low systems integration services cost, and your monthly subscription fees.         

Creating online solutions for our Zoho clients is at the heart of what we do at CRM Asia Solutions.