Online Business Solutions for Software Houses


Software projects are notoriously difficult to manage and require strict monitoring of requirements, numerous discussions and clarification as well as document management, bug tracking and issue management.

Our team are experienced in the full software development lifecycle and have held positions ranging from coders to software project managers to software quality assurance. We also have experience in ISO, CMM and ITIL and know how important strong process is to a software development company and how our online business solutions can help a software house to achieve maximum efficiency.

The solutions below have been designed specifically with the software development industry in mind.

Solution # 1 - Software Development Life Cycle Project Management and Bug Tracker, Zoho Projects


Manage your software projects and track and close bugs online with our one-stop solution for Software Houses.  Our solution helps software project managers to control their project and manage their teams to help deliver their projects efficiently and on schedule.


Solution #2 - Manage your Customer Relations and Software Projects using Zoho Online Solutions


As many of our team members have been programmers or software project managers we know what software development companies need in terms of managing sales and also, importantly, managing and tracking the software development lifecycle of the projects once they've been sold.

Our all in one Customer Relationship and Project Management solution for software development companies is purpose made to increase the efficiency of your business.