Website Design Using Zoho Sites, The Online Website Content Management System With Web Hosting And Email Management


A web presence is all important today for any business, especially for SMBs where budgets are limited and competition is fierce. CRM Asia Solutions use our fantastic website content management system, Zoho Sites, to offer affordable website design services for business around the Asia Pacific region including Australia New Zealand, Thailand, Malaysia and Singapore.  

A business website designed using Zoho Sites by CRM Asia Solutions will easily provide you the means to inform people about your company, products and services, and also provides you with a centralised way to provide sales and marketing documents as well as a means for your existing and potential customers to find and contact you.

A Zoho Sites designed website can also be easily integrated Zoho online business solutions including Zoho CRM for contact and customer relationship management helping you to capture, channel and convert leads into sale.  And Zoho Creator, which allows you to develop and maintain online custom applications and databases, for example maintaining and publishing price lists, product breakdowns, customer reference lists and client testimonials etc.

At CRM Asia Solutions we offer inexpensive small business website design services for SMBs and schools & education centres in the Australia, Thailand, Singapore, Malaysia region:

  •     Attractively designed website using Zoho Sites with a user friendly "feel" and intuitive templates.
  •     Assist you in producing quality website content and SEO key phrase analysis for search engine ranking.
  •     Provide you with Search Engine friendly coding and structure for your entire website and individual webpages.
  •     Integrate your Zoho Sites designed website with Google Analytics.
  •     Integrate your website with Zoho CRM to capture prospect and customer information.
  •     Integrate your website with Zoho Mail.  
  •     Mobile friendly, no extra coding, special formatting or cost.
  •     Assistance with domain registration, either using a free sub domain or registered with Zoho.
  •     Assist you to set up PayPal and/or Google checkout buttons to process financial transactions.  
  •     Assist you to set up Facebook, Twitter, Google +1, YouTube, Flickr and Picasa widgets.
  •     Full formal testing, e.g. notebooks and desktops and mobile devices.    

What this means with all these Zoho Sites services is that we at CRM Asia Solutions can provide you with an end to end website, webmail and CRM solution, including website maintenance plans, that will considerably enhance your web presence.

Zoho Sites:

  •     Six sites if required.
  •     Paypal and & Google checkout.
  •     Mobile website as standard.
  •     Password protection.
  •     Blogs.
  •     Ten forms per site.
  •     Dynamic content, which is currently in beta mode.
  •     Three custom themes per site.
  •     File uploads with a maximum of 50Mb per file.
  •     Multiple authors.
  •     Favicon for easier recognition and bookmarking by your website visitors.   
  •     Adsense.
  •     Web hosting.

See more details about Zoho Sites here

Zoho Mail:

  •     Five email mailboxes.
  •     1 Gb storage per mailbox.
  •     IMAP/POP3 access.
  •     Ad free webmail.
  •     Multi level folders and labels in your webmail.
  •     Unique email thread view.
  •     Advanced email search and filters.
  •     Scheduled outbox.
  •     Vacation auto responders.
  •     In built spam filters.
  •     Anti virus protection
  •     Multiple signatures.
  •     10 Mb storage for attachments.  

You can find out more about the Zoho Sites and Zoho Mail products here and you can contact us now here or at sales at crmasiasolutions dot com for a free no obligation quote.

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