Zoho Books - Improve Your Company's Financial Management


Zoho Books is an online business accounting software solution that allows you to easily administer your company’s finances.

Improve your financial control by managing your customers and invoices better.

More finely control and manage your expenses.

Record, manage and reconcile your bank accounts and transactions and collaborate with your accountant online.

Vitally, Zoho Books will help you to make better and more proactive decisions which in turn means that your business is better managed.


Zoho Books - online accounting made easy

The Zoho Books Dashboard

The powerful dashboard gives you vital views of your business' health, and includes:

  • An ageing summary

Your ageing summary splits invoices and bills by age and importantly highlights overdue transactions.

Give priority to your payments and contact your customers for payments that are overdue.

The Zoho Books online accounting dashboard provides you with a snapshot of important financial business data

  • Your income and expense chart

Compare your expenses against income.

The chart provides a monthly breakdown of your company’s performance over the last twelve months.

Zoho Books web based accounting solution provides you with income and expense information in your accounting dashboard
  • Your bank and credit card accounts summary

Review your bank and credit card accounts’ balances.

Bank and credit card transactions are maintained in Zoho Books online business accounting software
  • Accounts management watch list

Include and review all of your critical accounts to the watch list and meticulously control them.

Web based business accounting software - Key General Ledger Accounts Management Report

In addition to the Zoho Books Dashboard module, the application also supports:

  • Money in - Manage your invoices.
  • Money out - Manage your bills and expenses.
  • Banking & credit cards - Record and monitor all your bank and credit card transactions.
  • Online payments - Helps you to get paid more quickly by integrating Zoho Books, your customers and the major payment service providers.
  • Collaboration online with your accountant.
  • Financial management reporting - Invoicing, sales and customer reports, profit and loss reports, balance sheet report, and tax reports.


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