Improve Sales and Team Efficiency with Zoho CRM


Zoho CRM is a powerful, on demand CRM solution perfectly suited to the home business small-medium business and large enterprise alike. With powerful features, affordable licensing and integrated to many other of Zoho's cloud solutions, Zoho CRM is ready to use without any hardware or software installation providing Sales, Marketing and Support automation.

  • Automate sales, marketing and support processes
  • Get a 360-degree view of your business
  • Track sales & marketing centrally
  • Share customer emails in one place
Zoho CRM automates your sales process and provides accurate real time information





Sales and Marketing Automation
Zoho CRM aligns your Sales and Marketing by integrating sales with campaigns, leads, sales pipeline, forecasts, etc.

zoho-crm-integrates-with-outlook-and-office Plugins for Quickbooks, Office and Outlook
Improve business productivity by synchronizing between other software solutions.

Easily Customisable
Drag-and-drop UI tools for customizing Zoho CRM as per your business process. Need help? Let us do it for you!

zoho-crm-with-email Integrated Email & Email Marketing Capability
With the Outlook and Zoho Mail add-ons you can track all your customer emails. Also integrates to Zoho Campaigns email marketing app.

Inventory Management
Zoho CRM empowers you to complete the post-sales activities with an integrated inventory management system.

zoho-crm-api-third-party-integration CRM API for Third Party Integration
Developer API for integrating CRM modules with third-party business applications such as accounting, ERP, etc.

Role Based Security
Zoho CRM empowers you to control the CRM data access based on users' job role in your organization hierarchy.

zoho-crm-centralised-sales-reports-and-dashboards CRM Reports and Dashboards
Zoho CRM helps you to analyze sales & marketing trends and key CRM metrics by reports and dashboards and now Advanced Analytics.


Mobile CRM

Zoho CRM can be used on all major mobile devices too.  This can be done either using the Zoho CRM mobile app at just an additional 3 USD per user per month, or for FREE using Zoho CRM from within your mobile device browser and the Zoho Mobile portal.

Increase sales productivity by provifing the flexibility your teams need on the road. Add calls, meetings, tasks. Update sales information and leads.

All can be done using Zoho mobile CRM and then the user's data will be up to date and ready to use when they get back to the office. 

Zoho CRM has a mobile app for all major devices as well as free mobile CRM via your device browser


Integrated Zoho Cloud Business Apps

Zoho actually have a suite of over 20 online business apps. Zoho CRM is now integrated with Zoho accounting, helpdesk, project management, online BI and email marking tools to provide a truly 360 degree suite of online customer relationship management tools.

In this example Zoho Reports has been integrated to Zoho CRM to provide very powerful drill down reporting and chart creation tools that can generate all manner of reports on the fly and even publish them online in your company wiki/intranet or website.

Zoho CRM is now integrated with Zoho Reports, the powerful online BI software from Zoho




  • Rapid implementation packages available - contact us for more information
  • Rich feature set with intuitive, customisable user interface
  • Fraction of the cost of alternatives, why pay more? Zwitch to Zoho now!
  • No hardware or software needed, accessible from anywhere
  • World class data security, backup your data at any time
  • Extensive reporting capability into key business areas: Sales, Marketing and Support
  • Increase business productivity by automating the customer life cycle
  • Continuous product updates with no service disruptions or extra costs
  • Optional, dedicated HelpDesk support packages.


What does Zoho CRM allow you to do?


Sales Managers

Marketing Managers

Support Managers

Log and track pipeline sales
Improve lead conversion process
Shorten sales lifecycles
Log and track issues
Log and track sales activities
Streamline Quotation and Invoicing
Improve corporate communications
Get visibility into revenue pipeline
Manage marketing campaigns
Track campaign ROI
Email marketing
Maximise lead capture
Improve future campaigns
Streamline sales processes
Consolidate marketing medium
Manage Telesales campaigns
Centralise support requests
Track support team activities
Develop internal knowledgebase
Reduce issue resolution time
Capture customer issues via the web
Link cases to product knowledgebase
Automate case management
Get 360 degree view of customer cases




Online Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Software

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Paid Edition starts @ USD12 / month, per user


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