Zoho CRM - a Robust, Affordable, On Demand CRM Solution


Zoho CRM gives you 360 degree visibility into your business.

A CRM solution can help your business increase efficiency and revenues


Marketing Automation

Zoho CRM allows efficient segmentation of contacts and email marketing
  • Marketing Campaign Management
  • Lead Generation
  • Web-to-lead capabilities
  • E-mail Marketing functionality - mass mail your customers
  • Gain an understanding of marketing expenses and ROI


Efficient Lead Capture via Web-to-Lead, Email and Phone

Zoho CRM allows you to capture leads from your website and other channels and convert them to sales
  • Capture leads through your website
  • Synch incoming lead emails with Outlook plugin
  • Quick create for incoming phone leads
  • Automate approval, assignment and notification processes
  • Reduce lead / support processing time
  • Send instant auto responders to leads


Salesforce Automation

Manage sales online and help increase sales conversion with Zoho CRM
  • Lead management
  • Opportunity management and sales pipeline analysis
  • Account and Contact management
  • Activity management
  • Sales forecasts, reports and dashboards
  • Sales quotes and easy quotation management


Inventory Management

Manage sales online - Zoho CRM has a product management and inventory module
  • Product catalog and flexible product management
  • Price books
  • Sales Quotes including tax and other sales calculations
  • Orders & Invoices
  • Basic stock management based on invoiced quantities


Customer Support

Zoho CRM has full case management, including solutions knowledgebase functions
  • Support case management
  • Centralise support issues
  • Solution Management
  • Build your internal Company knowledgebase and FAQs
  • Reduce Support ticket response times


Workflow Management

Zoho CRM allows you to create automated workflow to increase team efficiency and communication
  • Improve key internal processes, increase team efficiency
  • Set up lead assignment rules to automatically assign leads
  • Create new tasks/alerts when records are modified
  • Set up email notifications when workflow rules are triggered


Reports and Dashboard

Get accurate sales forecasts and reports with Zoho CRM reports and dashboards
  • Provide the right information to the right people
  • Interactive dashboards with attractive layouts
  • Fully customisable, extensive reports with a variety of chart types
  • Automated, scheduled reporting via email and excel
  • Drill down capabilities for further data analysis


Outlook Plugin

Zoho CRM has an Outlook plugin allowing total email integration with your online CRM solution
  • Synchronize contacts, calendar and tasks with Outlook
  • Add Outlook inbound and outbound emails to Zoho CRM contacts
  • Combine functionality of Outlook with Zoho CRM
  • Enhance team collaboration and information sharing



Want to get started right away with a rapid Zoho CRM implementation package?

Why not buy our Zoho CRM "Rapid Implementation" package, perfectly suited for small businesses or for those who want that kickstart on their Zoho CRM implementation:

  • Short implementation time
  • 3 users and no additional licenses costs (* free edition, paid editions start at just 12USD per user per month)
  • 5 additional hours of online training/consultation/customisation
  • Includes Zoho Helpdesk support for 1 month


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  • Short time to value, start using your CRM within a few days!
  • Perfectly priced for Small – Medium Businesses
  • No hardware or software purchase required
  • Free upgrades and patches
  • Select your own users from Management, Sales, Marketing and / or Support
  • Fully controllable by your own Administrator (if required)
  • Expert advice, personal service
  • Additional tailor made CRM support packages available if required, to suit your needs and budget
  • Increased business productivity with immediate results!