Zoho CRM Mail & Outlook Add Ons


There are a couple of ways that Zoho CRM can be integrated with your email, they are the Zoho Mail Addon & Outlook Addon. Here is a summary of both addons as well as a video giving an overview of the Zoho Mail addon.

Zoho Mail Addon

The Zoho Mail addon allows you to track all of your customer correspondence inside Zoho CRM.


  • Centralise all of your staff communications within Zoho CRM
  • Link email threads to CRM data such as contacts or sales
  • Share customer or sales-related emails with other Zoho CRM users
  • Send and receive emails simultaneously from Zoho CRM and your business POP-based email client

Key Features

  • Email tab is enabled inside Zoho CRM
  • Teams can then use Zoho CRM to send and receive emails, never leaving the CRM
  • Share customer-related email
  • View email conversations in convenient 'email threads'
  • Integrates with any POP based email client including Gmail, Yahoo, Hotmail and more (most email clients are POP based).

Here is a video to help you better understand how the Zoho CRM Mail add-on works:

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The cost of the Zoho Mail addon for Zoho CRM is 3USD per user per month.

Outlook Addon

The Outlook addon is designed to increase productivity by synchronizing your Outlook contacts, tasks and events between Zoho CRM and Microsoft Outlook.

In addition, you can copy emails related to customer communications - both inbound and outbound, from Outlook to Zoho CRM.

The Zoho CRM Outlook addon also allows you to create support cases in Zoho CRM based on the content of the email messages, for example a complaint sent to you via email can be 'saved' as a case in the CRM.

The cost of the Zoho CRM Outlook addon is 3USD per user per month.

Note: the Outlook Addon is primarily to sychronise Contacts, Events and Tasks between MS Outlook and Zoho CRM. It can save emails from Outlook and Zoho CRM and you are able to state which emails you want to synch, but it is a manual link process when doing so. If you require an instantaneous and selective link between sending and receiving emails and having them display in Zoho CRM then we recommend using the Zoho Mail add-on above.

For more information or a free assessment and quotation on implementation services related to setup of the Zoho CRM Outlook or Zoho Mail addons, as well as affordable support packages, please contact us here.