Zoho Reports Integration with Zoho CRM Now Means Advanced Online BI Reporting on CRM Data


The Zoho Reports Advanced CRM Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM provides you with the ability to access seamlessly from within your Zoho CRM account a fully featured Business Intelligence (BI) and reporting tool where you can "slice and dice" your Zoho CRM data to create any report, chart or dashboard that your sales and marketing teams may need.

And Zoho Reports easy to use "drag and drop" means that you can now easily create powerful reports and dashboards for your sales and marketing teams.

Zoho CRM users with paid accounts, i.e. the Enterprise or Professional editions) can subscribe to the Zoho Reports Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM.

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Included with the Zoho Reports Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM is a package of seventy plus built in charts, reports and dashboards that allow you to develop your own sales funnels, reports on your sales win and win loss rates, and forecasts of your sales for example in different regions in future months and quarters, and much more.

With the Add-on package you can easily:

* Calculate sales Win Rate % and Loss Rate % from potentials/opportunities.

* Create Year-over-Year or Quarter-over-Quarter or Month-over-Month growth reports.

* Create a Sales Pipeline Funnel Chart.

* Create reports to view Average Sales cycle.

* Create the top five or bottom sales person reports.

* Create target based reports.

You can view the default information management reports that are created from the built in sample database here.

Advanced default sales and sales activity reporting formulas that are supported by the Zoho Reports Advanced Analytics Add-on for Zoho CRM are:

* Age in Days which calculates the number of days it took for a potential to be closed. If the closing date is not available, we calculate the days till today from the potential created time. Used for calculating 'Age Tier' and 'Sales Cycle'.

* Age Tier which classifies the time spent on a potential/opportunity to close it into different time period baskets, e.g., within 60 months, within 120 days etc.

* Amount Tier which classifies sales based on $ value (amount of sale made), e.g., up to 10,000, 10,001to 20,000, 20,001-30,000 etc.

* Won Vs Expected Revenue % which provides a ratio of the sum of sales won and the sum of revenue expected lost deals count.

* Won Deals Count which provides the total number of deals won.

* Lost Deals Count which provides the total umber of deals lost.

* Open Deals Count which provides the total number of deals open, i.e. not yet closed.

* Win Rate % which provides the win rate (in %) of sales. This is calculated as a ratio between number of deals won and total number (won + lost) of deals.

* Loss Rate % which provides the rate at which sales are lost (in %). This calculated as a ratio between number of deals lost and total number (won + lost) of deals.

* Won Amount which provides the total amount of sales won, i.e made.

* Lost Amount which provides the total amount of sales lost.

* Avg Deal Size Won which provides the average size of sales made.

* Avg Sales Cycle which provides the average number of days it takes to close a potential sale.

* Predicted Pipeline Revenue which predicts the sales expected in future, based on current pipeline and past trends.

* Predicted New Business - Next 3 Months which provides sales forecasts of the deals that could come from new business, i.e. the pipeline, calculated based on past trends.

And Zoho Reports supports a massive range of reporting options - pie charts, bar charts, stacked bar charts, line charts, scatter charts, area charts, web charts, funnels, doughnuts, pivot tables, summary and tabular views and powerful dashboards that provides you with multiple reporting on the same page.

Zoho CRM now integrates with Zoho Reports giving advanced CRM analytics at your fingertips

With Zoho Reports you can export or print reports for offline access and schedule your reports and dashboards to be emailed automatically, collaborate with your  colleagues developing the reports and share the data and reports securely with fine grained security access controls, and also embed your reports and dashboards across websites, blogs, wikis and other applications.

Click here to contact us for more data integration information on how the Zoho Reports Advanced Analytics add-on for Zoho CRM will bring you all the capabilities of Zoho Reports to Zoho CRM.