Frequently Asked Questions - Zoho CRM

How can Zoho CRM add value to my business?

Many small businesses still use a spreadsheet, a generic database, or a general-purpose application such as Microsoft Outlook to keep track of contacts and prospective customers. However over a period of time, this becomes too difficult to handle. It becomes a repository of information and nothing more. The power of a CRM solution lies in being able to mine this data and make it into something useful.

Here is where a CRM tool adds value. Zoho CRM is one such tool. Zoho CRM is an online CRM solution that helps you keep track of your contacts, the activities associated with them like follow up calls, meetings, etc and the status of those activities.  It also allows you to keep documents such as proposals, invoices, purchase orders, etc. online, logged against the contact and the sale.

Finally, this data is available at any time anywhere over the Internet!  This has huge benefits to businesses and their employees.

If you have data in spreadsheets, they too can import their data into Zoho CRM.

When you log in to Zoho CRM, the Home Page displays the list of recent activity assigned to you so you know exactly what your Action Items for the day are.

Zoho CRM also provides an Outlook Plugin too so if you use Outlook you can simply download the Plugin and then do the following:

- bidirectional contact sync - You can add your Outlook contacts to Zoho CRM and vice-versa
- task sync - You can add your Outlook tasks to Zoho CRM and vice-versa
- activities sync - You can add your Outlook activities/meetings to Zoho CRM and vice-versa

Also, you can add emails related to a contact in Zoho CRM from the Outlook Mail Client to Zoho CRM.

The idea of this of course is to ensure that all data is located in a central location and is accessible remotely to all users, greatly increasing efficiency of an organisation.

Zoho CRM allows your team members to access their data quickly and easily.  It has a quick create option for Leads, Contacts, Accounts, etc. This reduces the time the Sales guys spends using the system and allows them to do what they do best: sell.

Since the data is organised on centralised servers Senior Management can get a 360 degree view of the business at any time. Here is where the Zoho CRM Dashboard feature provides excellent benefits.  This is a great value added feature and gives management a snapshot view of the entire business in just one click!

For more information on Zoho CRM and how it can add value to your business contact us here.