What are the Benefits of Zoho CRM
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What are the benefits of implementing Zoho CRM?

1. Award-winning, complete CRM solution. Zoho CRM offers all the modules and tools that you might need to run your sales & marketing.  

2. Value for your money. We not only provide a great CRM solution, but also have a great price too. How about... 3 users entirely free? No strings attached, not a trial, just free!  

3. No long term contracts, pay as you go. You are not bound by any long, yearly contracts. You have the flexibility of paying monthly, quarterly or yearly.  

4. No data lockup. You can export your data anytime, anywhere and yes, we give it to you in an easy to use relational data format too!  

5. It's all hosted. When you choose Zoho on demand CRM, we do the hard work for you. You do not have to buy expensive servers, software, backup solutions, virus checks, etc. Just focus on selling and leave the rest to Zoho.  

6. Ease of Customization. We understand your needs to customize the service to your specific needs. So we have provided easy drag-and-drop customization features to get things done fast.  

7. It's not just a CRM. You get integrated Inventory Management to keep track of your stocks/products online. And now, many other Zoho Apps integrate directly with Zoho CRM - Zoho Invoice, Quickbooks for Zoho CRM, and the new Web Tabs feature allows you to add up to 5 more tabs from within Zoho CRM to link to your other business systems!  A one-stop shop for your business needs.  

8. API Integration. Use our APIs to integrate other verticals/systems with Zoho CRM. We believe in supporting your existing ecosystem.

Here is a presentation created using Zoho Show, which shows the top ten reasons to go Zoho!

{presentation url="http://show.zoho.com/public/crmasiasolutions_andy/Top-10-Reasons-to-go-Zoho" username="crmasiasolutions_andy" presentationname="Top-10-Reasons-to-go-Zoho" width="450" height="355" style="" border="" scrolling="" logo=""/}

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