Frequently Asked Questions - Zoho Concepts

After implementing a Zoho online solution such as Zoho CRM, will I own the software?

No, the CRM applications recommended by CRM Asia Solutions are known as ‘Software as a Service’ (SaaS) or ‘on demand’ software.

Zoho offer this software for free with limited numbers of users or limited functionality, making it an ideal option for small businesses wishing to implement and customize an online business tool such as Zoho CRM for their business.

If you require more features or a more complex implementation with multiple users then you will need to pay license fees per user per month.

This means you basically ‘rent’ the software as a service and there are no initial software costs or installation/set up hassles or fees.

The software is ready to go from day one and can be customized to suit your business needs.

We have deliberately chosen this software platform because we think it is going to expand tremendously in the next few years, especially in the Asia Pacific region and we feel software as a service suits small-medium businesses perfectly, keeping costs down, increasing flexibility and reducing implementation time.

We have created the following summary of the concepts of on demand business software using Zoho Show:

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