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How does on demand software platform work?

Much as the same way you log on to your favourite websites like Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail etc, you simply logon to 'on demand software' securely and connect to the provider's server and manage your own data.

Leaders in this concept are CRM vendors like Zoho,,, Sugar CRM, as well as other common SaaS companies like Amazon and e-Bay.  

They all utilize world-class infrastructure and security to deliver the CRM functions through the Internet allowing you to manage and share your data easily amongst your teams.

It is a fairly common fear still, especially in Asia, that this sort of platform has numerous security risks; but the fact is that the economies of scale are such that these providers can supply far superior security than most companies can hope to do themselves. Therefore, in fact your business data is often MORE secure by opting for an on demand platform.

We have created the following summary of the concepts of on demand business software using Zoho Show.

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