What is on-demand software
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What is "on-demand" software?

On demand, means 'as needed'.

It is also known as ‘Software as a Service’, or SaaS. As your business grows and as you need to add more and more users you basically ‘rent’ the software as a service.

It is the cure to many of the headaches associated with the traditional software model where you have to purchase, install and host the solution yourself. With no software or hardware to buy, install, maintain, or upgrade, there is greatly reduced start up expense as well as reduced need for a dedicated IT team and thus the popularity of on-demand has grown tremendously with businesses and IT organizations.

All of CRM Asia Solutions CRM and other online business solutions, plus our email marketing, and now our Web Based Survey solutions are 'on demand', giving you a suite of powerful business tools at your disposal.

Here is a simple presentation prepared in Zoho Show that explains on demand software in more detail.

{presentation url="http://show.zoho.com/public/crmasiasolutions_andy/Top-10-Reasons-to-go-Zoho" username="crmasiasolutions_andy" presentationname="Software%20as%20a%20Service%20Concepts" width="450" height="355" style="" border="" scrolling="" logo=""/}