Frequently Asked Questions - Email Marketing

What is a spam complaint?

When carrying out email marketing one must understand anti spamming regulations and be a responsible email marketer.

Spam Complaints Most people have seen a "Report Spam" button on their email client. When this is clicked on a spam complaint is logged at the ISP level or it is also relayed back to the sender if they are a part of a feedback loop. If you receive too many spam complaints then you will damage your sender reputation. A good way to reduce your spam complaints is to ensure that all of your subscribers are opt-in.

Spam complaints do not track the reason why recipients make a spam complaint. It is possible that even if subscribers opt-in to your list they may forget they are subscribed or no longer find your mailing relevant. If you receive a high number of spam complaints on a list where your subscribers have opt-in to then this is usually a good indicator that your mailings are either irrelevant or sent to frequently.

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