Frequently Asked Questions - Email Marketing

How does your email marketing solution differ from Mail Chimp?


Our platform is run by our partners Active Campaign, who are also email marketing software experts; and they look after all of the hardware, software and also - importantly - the emailing regulations and anti spamming checks for all emails being sent from the server.

If you sign up with us your configuration and list set up will be manually checked for anti spamming compliance before you can send your emails. This is not meant as an intrusion of privacy and your lists are not reviewed or used in any way, it is meant to help you increase your read rate and also ensure that the server(s) used for sending emails are not flagged as spamming servers.

Mail Chimp's monthly licensing model is based on the size of your subscriber lists. The more people you have in your lists, the more you pay. There is no limit on the number of emails you send. In this case Mail Chimp will bill your credit card every month based on the total number of subscribers managed in your email lists. Your monthly fee gets adjusted based on whether your subscriber base grows or shrinks. We do not offer this option and we do not .

Subscribers v Emails - Which Is Best for Me?

The fact there is no email sending limit sounds great, but in our experience list size is a very critical factor that you should consider when doing strategic email marketing. Why? Because when you do effective email marketing you often have numerous lists, segmented on various criteria, for example, region, age, sex, product interest, and so on. If one subscriber is added to a campaign for "product A", then later you segment your customers in your CRM based on regions and filter that same subscriber based on "Region X", to be targeted in another campaign using a new email list, then in Mail Chimp they will be added to two lists and are counted as two subscribers, even though they are the same person.

We base our fees on email credits, whereby you purchase email credits and you can use these at any time, with no time limit. You only pay for the number of emails you want to send. When the credits run out, you buy more. There is no limit on the number of subscribers you have.

Mail Chimp also offer this license model too, so this leads us to our main difference: we do the emailing for you.

When you sign up with us, you have the option to do it yourself, or you can select us to do your email marketing services for you, including

- setup,
- anti spam checks
- list review and list importing,
- email template adjustments,
- content checks,
- email sending,
- reporting and recommendations.

So which email marketing solution should you choose? Mail Chimp is a superb email marketing platform, without a doubt. Our email marketing services are perfect if you need to focus on other things, outsource the work and get your email campaigns done professionally by a team you can trust.

Click here for more details of our email marketing services, or contact us directly for more information on pricing, letting us know whether you need our email marketing services and the approximate number of emails you want to send.