Frequently Asked Questions - Pre-Sales Questions

What does CRM Asia Solutions Zoho support cover?

  • Consultation on Zoho CRM features and functions and best practices
  • Customised user manuals
  • Consultation and advice on how to get the best out of the system and apply it to your business
  • Customisation of your CRM via the admin functions according to your requirements
  • Training for your Zoho CRM users
  • Login for your PM/team to the CRM Asia Solutions Project portal – this is used to track support requests, centralise documents and communications, add/discuss forum topics, assign tasks etc.
  • Communication of issues directly to Zoho
  • Expediting open support issues with Zoho on your behalf (if they are related to technical / bug fix issues)
  • Submission of feature and customisation requests directly to Zoho
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