Frequently Asked Questions - Pre-Sales Questions

What’s the role of CRM Asia Solutions within Zoho?

It is important to understand our sphere of control within Zoho so that progress and closure of any Zoho issues are not delayed by tasks that CRM Asia Solutions do not control.

We are an Alliance Partner of Zoho and have a strong relationship with them, but we do not code their software and do not have any direct say in management of enhancements, patches or release schedules.

As an Alliance Partner we can assist in support ticket resolution (speeding up resolution time, assisting in communication etc). We can also suggest new features on your behalf.

Software patches and enhancements however are done by the Zoho Development Support teams and are released according to their own schedule.

NOTE: Zoho related issues are all resolved free of charge, but are considered as separate to any Zoho implementation projects we do for you as they are beyond our control. They will however be logged by us and communicated to Zoho and we will expedite the solution on your behalf as part of our Zoho support.

If you would like to know more about CRM Asia Solutions as Zoho Alliance Partner, please contact us here.