Zoho and CRM Asia Solutions Testimonials

"Good video - very helpful. It made me a lot more familiar with zoho. Well done."

Satisfied YouTube subscriber on 'Doing Email Campaigns in Zoho CRM'


"Excellent video, thanks."

Satisfied YouTube viewer, after watching our free video "Sending Email Campaigns in Zoho CRM"


"Thank you sooooooo much!"

[Satisfied YouTube channel subscriber


“The Zoho Invoice course was well structured and planned with PDF user guides created for each function.”

[Zoho Invoice Setup and Training]

Dan Wallace, Project Manager, Inetasia, Thailand


“Our Zoho Books training was well structured, professionally managed and course materials we well designed and easy to follow”.

[Zoho Books]

Khun Witawat, CEO of Raise Innovation, Thailand


"The tutorials from CRM Asia Solutions are very good and they are virtually the only ones up to scratch! http://www.youtube.com/crmasiasolutions"

[Zoho Training Videos]

Peter, Director of Facilities Management at DinoJet Ltd




"We truly needed and appreciated the training you gave us. We understand the value your company provides." 

[Zoho CRM online training]

Mimi Nilla
Mobile Fused


Thanks for these videos on Zoho. I've been trying to get my head round all the many options and intricacies of Zoho. Your Vids have helped me work out what goes where. Keep up the good work.

[Zoho Training Materials - Videos]

Satisfied CRM Asia Solutions YouTube Channel Subscriber




"We really like the new version of Zoho CRM, very snappy, well laid out and easy to use.

The implementation carried out by CRM Asia Solutions has been excellent and has achieved what we set out to do."

[Zoho CRM customisation and online training]

Adam Lindsay
Director, Vinum Assets


"I wanted to thank you for getting us successfully through our Zoho CRM training. The feedback from the franchisees has been overwhelmingly positive.

The Zoho Reports work is also on track, despite some rather vague requirements from our end.

I wouldn't hesitate to recommend your company to others.

[Zoho CRM and Zoho Reports customisation and online training]

Jim Storey
Owner, Coffee Machine Express
Sydney, Melbourne, Brisbane & Cairns


"The training was very good."

[Zoho CRM online training]

David Knieriem
Engineering Consultant
Texas USA


"We now have a very detailed insight in our daily sales figures without any manual operations."

[Zoho Reports]

Jeroen DeBruin
Marketing & Sales Manager, Eurail,


"During our software implementation, Zoho Projects has proven to be a perfect instrument to track progress, detail requirements and keep all communication and documents in one central place.

Best of all is that CRM Asia Solutions made Zoho projects available to us as part of their standard project approach. This has significantly contributed to the overall project success!"

[Zoho Projects]

Jeroen DeBruin
Marketing & Sales Manager, Eurail,


"As a marketer, every bit of information that I have about who is looking at my marketing materials and what they are showing interest in is important to creating more effective marketing and sales. Having done email newsletters and campaigns in the past, I didn’t have much hope of having much real feedback from those sorts of campaigns. With CRM Asia Solutions software, I not only have hope, I have data.

The information that we receive on links, forwards and reads allow us to follow-up effectively with clients as well as modify our email campaigns and newsletters to improve their impact and relevance to our clientele. The information is presented in a manner that is easy to understand and to deal with. I’m hooked."

[Connect, Email Marketing Package]

Al Lock
Marketing Consultant


"CRM Asia Solutions implemented Zoho CRM for us making it much easier to track our customers and do the more mundane sales emails.

Support is fast and efficient and has helped me carry out admin functions."

[Zoho CRM]

Action Sports Asia


"Cost effective and robust, Zoho CRM proved to be a wise investment in the management and administration of steves-english-zone.com."

[Zoho CRM]

Steves English Zone


"With the help of CRM Asia Solutions we were up and running with Zoho CRM in just over one day! Zoho CRM was very easy to tailor to our needs, and straight forward to use."

[Zoho CRM Rapid Implementation Package]

Shelley Holmes
Founder & Managing Director
The Centre For Breakthrough Leadership


"Having not used a customer relationship management system with a website before, the initial idea seemed quite daunting; however, my initial fears were put to rest once the package and benefits were explained and the initial set up completed. Zoho CRM’s seamless management control with the minimum of fuss has resulted in a smooth transition into the 21st Century for an organisation sceptical of some of the modern management gimmicks on the market."

[Zoho CRM]

Steve Graham,
Udon Thani Rajabhat University, Thailand.


"I needed a CRM package that would provide focus for my business in terms of finding, winning and keeping customers, and allow me to monitor this through user defined reporting. Zoho delivered all this and was easy to implement throughout the business. Without doubt a good investment."

[Zoho CRM]

Peter Bull,
Managing Director,
t+b Solutions,


“Very Patient and proactive. Never had to chase but rather be chased to keep up with the speed this company worked at. CRM Asia Solutions exceeded our expectations and represent model providers. Communications were always clear, prompt and professional. If you are considering a CRM application for your business and need guidance and or implementation assistance then I can highly reccomend them. I will be doing business with them again.

[Salesforce.com Consulting, Zoho CRM Customisation and online training]

David Cowman
Freefall university