Zoho Expense


Your All in One Expense Tracking Software

Zoho Expense is online expense tracking software from Zoho that allows your team to log their business expenses extremely easily, from their desktop or mobile device, increasing the efficiency of this often laborious or tricky process.

Zoho Expense expense tracking software

Zoho Expense allows you to take a photo of the receipt and then scans the key information into the expense record.


This way you can immediately capture the expense record then access the data by category, add notes and other functions.


You can also avoid frequent duplicates by merging expenses.


All major currencies are supported.


All receipts and expenses are kept safely in the cloud using state of the art security.


You can even send expenses to your customers if you are charging them for the business expense.


You can also send receipts via email directly to Zoho Expense and let the app do the rest.




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