Manage Business Time & Invoices Online - The Easy Way With Zoho Invoice


A Powerful Web Based Invoice & Time Tracking Management Solution

There are thousands of SMEs ranging from individual business people through to larger business service providers using Zoho Invoice.

These companies have found that by using Zoho Invoice they have streamlined their billing and payment receipt processes.

Zoho Invoice has buitl in workflow allowing efficient online invoice management









Furthermore, Zoho Invoice will significantly reduce the amount of time it takes you to manage all your account receivable processes which means that you have more time manage your business and clients.

The Zoho Invoice application is very easy to start using and comes with integrated Time Tracking functionality that assists you to you create and manage invoices for your projects and client expenses and receive payments. And it makes invoicing and customer follow up very easy through the built in invoice and email templates.

Easy To Start Using.

Zoho Invoice has been very cleverly designed so that you can quickly record time and create invoices.

Whilst you can create invoices as you go using the clone feature, i.e. use the basic details of a previous invoice for a new one, it is probably better to go to Zoho Invoice’s Setting features first. There you can create the details that you need to produce an invoice, e.g. individual taxes and tax groups, your company logo,  review and select an invoice template that is appropriate for your company and, if required, reworking, your layout preferences for your forms and emails.

Easily Manage Invoices And Payment Receipts.

Zoho Invoice allows you to easily manage all your invoices and payment receipts   using the graphical user interface which you will find above. Just click on a function, e.g., recurring invoices, and you are taken to the appropriate set of features relating to the function.

On a day to day basis you use the dashboard which provides you with an overview of all you need to know about open invoices, overdue invoices, and your sales, and amount due for today, this week, this month, this and this year. Just click on a total and you will then drill down to the details, e.g. all your sales for this week.

And of course there is a full set of reports including invoice ageing, invoice details, credit note details, tax report, customer balances, sales by customer, sales by item, payment history, time to pay (debtors’ days) report, and expenses by customer, category, e.g. travel, telephone, subsistence etc., and expense tax report.

Invoice In Multiple Currencies and Languages And Also Get Paid Online.

The clever design of Zoho Invoice will help you to carry out business globally.

The multi currency and multi language features will allow you to create foreign currency invoices for your international clients.

And Zoho Invoice also supports multiple methods of payment other cash and cheques, including PayPal, Google Checkout, and

Scenarios Where Zoho Invoice Would be useful

Zoho Invoice is particularly well suited to smaller companies and start ups with little or no administration support staff, especially if they export their products and/or services as it supports multiple currencies.

Companies whose staff are on the go will be able to take advantage of the fact that Zoho Invoice with Time Tracking is delivered using SaaS, or Software as a Service. This means that anyone with a browser and an Internet connection can enter their time recorded for a client and prepare draft invoices for review, send them and manage follow up for payment.

And recurring invoices - you know, the ones that take you ages to prepare every month, can be automatically set up, and on the required send out date a reminder email is sent to the Zoho Invoice Administrator for approval to send, and, if given, then the invoice is automatically raised and sent by email.

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