Zoho People - The Inexpensive On Demand Human Resources Management Solution

Zoho People is an inexpensive, highly effective, and feature rich online Human Resource Information System (HRIS).

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Zoho People manages all your employee information from one central place - your Employee Portal.

It also manages information such as your company assets, specs, training records, leave applications and more.

Your Human Resource team administration workload is dramatically reduced because staff manage much of their own information, via the web and you have online access to your entire company's employee reporting hierarchy.

Zoho People is an online HR information system that provides easy web base employee management functions

Employee Portal

The Zoho People employee portal provide you with all that you need to record your staff's basic demographic data and important human resource information.

Zoho People - flexible online human resources and employee management software - store employee data online such as demographics, employment history, salary, and emergency contact details

Self Service

Managers and employees are able to manage their own information, which dramatically increases data accuracy and reduces your human resources personnel's administration workload.

Zoho People is an affordable, web based HR solution with a self service feature that reduces human resource administration workload

Drag And Drop Forms Customization

Zoho People has built in forms that your human resources personnel will need, such as leave request forms, training request forms, expense claims and more

Just drag and & drop fields and edit their properties and you have the forms unique to your own company's requirements.

These forms can even be integrated into Zoho Wiki as an embedded form in your company intranet to increase efficiency for your staff and do away with all those paper forms.

For example, let's take leave requests: a member of staff wants to take a week off, they would simply navigate to the relevant section in the company wiki and submit the leave request, which gets approved by their manager. The leave data gets logged within Zoho People against their personnel record and can be exported if required.

Manage your HR process online - Zoho People allows HR teams to customize pre created forms and publish them and publish them on the web or in your intranet using Zoho Wiki

Organization Chart

The employee reporting hierarchy structure of your company is cleverly displayed in a tree based view.

Zoho People online HRIS allows employee reporting hierarchy structure

Automated Checklists

Free up vital resources by:

  • Controlling the trigger of checklists with options to initiate checklists on creation/approval of request for a specific form.
  • Configuring tasks with a description to be completed as part of a business process and associate owners to them.
  • Sequence tasks by dragging and dropping to sequence the tasks of a business process.
  • Notifying the owner when tasks of a checklist are completed with automated mail notifications being sent to the owner.
  • Setting duration limits for each task.
  • Tracking progress of their requests with overdue tasks being highlighted in red.

Automate human resource business processes with Zoho People - a flexible and affordable web based HR tool

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Zoho People is delivered by Software As A Service (SaaS) which means that there is no need to install additional software or hardware, and there is no need to worry about complex upgrades either.

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