Zoho Show - Powerful Presentations Created, Edited, And Shared Online.


Zoho Show 2.0 allows you to create, edit and share powerful presentations online. And Zoho Show comes with pre-built themes, clip art and shapes and cool functions such as drag and drop, which makes it a really easy software application to learn and use.

With Zoho Show you can create, edit and share presentations online


In addition to being completely free for personal use, here another eighteen reasons to go with Zoho Show:

1. Create, edit and share your Zoho Show presentations anytime and from anywhere.

Access, import, edit and share and export presentations from anywhere and anytime

2. So easy to build, edit and share your presentations.

Build and edit presentations on the fly using WYSIWYG editor.

3. Collaborate and share.

Your presentations can be shared with your colleagues and they can be viewed and edited with just a browser.

4. Version control of your presentations.

Manage different versions of your presentations and track the changes.

5. Remote presentations.

Present to customers anywhere in the world while you are in the office.

 Share and collaborate, publish to the world, present in sync., and remotely collaborate with online presentations using Zoho Show

6. Embed your presentations in your website, blog or wiki.

Easy viewing using different delivery channels.

7. Cool drawing using shapes, symbols and flowcharts.

Draw cool diagrams with inbuilt symbols, flowcharts images stored in the Zoho Show design gallery.

8. Stylish and cool themes.

Create cool and stylish themes for your online presentations.

9. Comprehensive Editing Features.

The latest version of Zoho Show has improved editing features including

10. Flip, rotate and position images.

Flip, rotate and position your images in your presentations.

11. Enhance your presentations with super cool clip art images.

Pep up your presentations with some great clip art.

12. Chat at the same time as your present.

Now you can really collaborate using your presentations using the built in chat feature.

Zoho Show supports online, remote, live presentations integrated with Zoho Chat for enhanced participation with live chat

13. Three different slide views.

Zoho Show 2.0 offers three different views for listing the slides - Normal view, sorter view and master view.

14. Enhanced imported presentations.

PowerPoint® presentations are easily imported.

15. Export to HTML for offline viewing.

16. Import images from Flickr into your Zoho Show presentation.

17. Manage your presentations.

You can organize, share and tag your online presentations.

18. Search for text in your presentations' slide contents, titles, headers and footers.

Want to know more about Zoho Show? Take a look at the Zoho Show video here.

And you can see Zoho Show in action here with this really cool presentation.

And that is not all! Zoho Show 2.0 now comes with a new refreshing, intuitive user interface, a resizable UI for all components with seamless navigation and a new explorer view for listing your presentation.

Feel free to contact us here you any questions or comments that you may have on the exciting Zoho Show online presentation application.