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Zoho Wiki is a powerful online Wiki solution that allows rapid authoring of your corporate intranet or knowledgebase.

It is suited both to the small-medium business and large enterprises. Pricing is flexible and affordable and the best part is that because it is just one app from the whole family of Zoho business solutions you can integrate your Zoho Wiki with many other Zoho Apps and publish content online seamlessly. This allows you to embed Zoho Show presentations for demos, training etc, Zoho Sheet spreadsheets or Zoho Reports (online BI reporting).

In addition you can quickly and easily embed and publish all manner of other media such as YouTube/Google videos, Google search box, Picasa images, Trendrr Graphs, SitePal avatars, social sharing functions and more.

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And as it an on demand knowledge management solution, Zoho Wiki is ready to use without any hardware or software installation meaning you can be up an running in a matter of days.

What Can a Business do with Zoho Wiki?

Corporate Wikis

Many large organisations implement Wikis to increase collaboration and share knowledge and content amongst their teams and employees.  Corporate wikis are extremely useful in that they empower your teams and staff to publish information online, avoiding bottlenecks, cutting down on emails and attachments, improving version control and centralising corporate materials. Zoho Wiki improves business communication within your business and it comes with enterprise-level security and fine grained access controls. Discover how Zoho Wiki can be used within your organisation to encourage knowledge sharing and online collaboration.

Team Collaboration

Zoho Wiki comes with a 'workspace feature'. Workspaces allow business teams to create their own space or area within the Wiki yet also at the same time they can collaborate and share information between other teams if required.  This allows your teams to have complete ownership of their online Wiki information - teams can have their own administrators, own permissions and even their own styles.

Organisation Intranets

Zoho Wiki allows you create a centralised area for your organization. No hardware or software is required, you can get a wiki up and running in a matter of minutes!  Use your company Wiki to store such material as Company Policies, Company Processes or marketing documents such as presentations and fact sheets.  The relevant members of your business can access them online, from wherever they may be.  Make you company intranet more interesting by publishing dynamic content quickly and easily, including inserting widgets to display interactive content like YouTube videos, presentations and even data from other Zoho apps such as Zoho Reports.

Online Knowledgebase

Quickly create and maintain an effective online business knowledgebase. Ensure your business information is always up to date.  Keep people informed via email alerts and wiki RSS feeds.  Unify your company knowledge online, decrease issues associated with multiple versions.  Create a powerful collaborative environment for your internal and project teams to store and maintain internal documentation, project user guides, technical specs and flow diagrams. Publish content in different formats like PDF and Word.

Education and Training

Zoho Wiki is the perfect tool to create classroom or training group workspaces online.  Collaborate and share resources with students and fellow teachers / trainers. Upload training manuals, teaching materials or research documents, share with other teachers, professors or trainers. Allow teachers / trainers to build online, interactive course content using text, images, presentations and videos. Due to Zoho Wiki's powerful access controls you can involve parents and managers too to make your Education or Training Wiki a truly online collaboration platform.




Provide separate collaborative workspaces / online collaboration platforms that can be controlled and accessed by your teams. These can even have their own styles and access rights.

Version History Tracking
Never lose old versions of your corporate information again. Zoho Wiki has a powerful version tracking feature that allows you to see who changed what and roll back to previous versions of articles.

Rapid Authoring
Zoho Wiki allows online knowledge sharing as it is incredibly easy to use with a familiar user interface and editing features. Teams will be able to use it within a matter of minutes.

No Hardware or Software Required
Like all Zoho business solutions, Zoho Wiki is 'on demand', which means there is no software or hardware to install, no hassle.  Simply sign up and get started.

File Upload Capability
Zoho Wiki allows you to create file library pages that contain uploaded files that can be accessed by your Wiki members.  This allows easy and effective distribution of your corporate policies, processes etc.

Embed Multimedia
Zoho Wiki allows non technical users to embed a wide variety of multi media: YouTube videos, social media icons, Google apps, as well as a number of the Zoho business tools like Zoho Reports, Show and Creator.

Role Based Security
Zoho Wiki allows you to set up and maintain a strict hierarchy so that the right people do the right job in maintaining your corporate intranet. Editors, Publishers and Admininstrators can share information online quickly and effectively.

Workflow Automation
Version logging tracks every change made to every article in your online Wiki.  If an article is edited simultaneously then changes are merged without any issues. If an article is deleted by mistake, simply revert to the old version.



  • Rapid implementation packages available - contact us for more information
  • Intuitive user interface
  • Easy to use, get started in minutes!
  • Fraction of the cost of alternative solutions
  • No hardware or software needed, accessible from anywhere
  • One member of the Zoho family, integrate with other online business tools, click here to see the complete suite
  • World class data security
  • Embed and publish data from other Zoho apps such as Zoho Reports
  • Increase business productivity by improving collaboration and knowledge sharing
  • Continuous product updates with no service disruptions or extra costs
  • Dedicated Customer Support and Optional HelpDesk support packages


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